Current Lab Members

Principal Investigator

Tobias Meyer, Ph.D.


Ca2+, lipid second messenger and small GTPase signaling pathways; Control of cell polarity, chemotaxis, and collective migration as well as cell proliferation decisions


Lin Gan

My research interests are understanding mTOR signaling and nutrient sensing from a global perspective as well as elucidating the mechanism of nutrient sensing at the molecular level.


Damien Garbett

I am interested in the regulation of the actin cytoskeleton during cell migration. My research has focused on the role of actin bundling during cellular protrusion across gaps in extracellular matrix and under conditions of heightened membrane tension.


Yumi Ida

I am interested in how cells coordinate the cell cycle and cell migration during tissue regeneration.  I want to measure the dynamics of various signaling pathways using genetically encoded sensors and optogenetic tools.


Marielle Köberlin

The composition of the cellular lipid landscape is essential for the regulation of biological processes. Previously, the functional annotation of membrane lipids in macrophages led to the identification of lipid species differentially regulating receptor signaling. Cell migration and cell division are both fundamental processes that are precisely regulated by conserved signaling pathways combined with the availability of metabolites. My research is centered around the identification of metabolic pathways and specific metabolites regulating cell cycle progression and migration.


Lindsey Pack

I am interested in how cells integrate diverse signals to make the decision to enter and exit the cell cycle.


Graduate Students

Anjali Bisaria

I study how asymmetric cytoskeleton organization promotes and maintains morphological and signaling polarity during cell migration. Specifically, I am interested in how the actin cortex and associated ERM proteins alter membrane tension to suppress protrusion and enforce persistence.


Mingyu Chung

The rate of cell division is largely dictated by the amount of time individual cells spend in a non-dividing state before entering a cycle of cell division. My research focuses on dissecting the signaling pathways regulating cell-cycle entry.


Leighton Daigh

My research focuses on how stochastic levels of endogenous cellular stress impact cell cycle dynamics and the proliferation decision.


Yilin Fan

I study how cells integrate information about their neighboring environment and make the decision to proliferate or become quiescent.


Katie Ferrick

I am interested in how growth factor receptor signaling is regulated as cells undergo contact inhibition of proliferation, particularly in relation to cell junctional complexes and the cytoskeleton.


Chad Liu

I am interested in hysteresis mechanisms in cell-cycle entry.


Nalin Ratnayeke

I study how cells regulate and prepare for DNA replication. In particular, I am interested in how cells coordinate the transition from G1, where cells prepare for DNA replication while robustly avoiding premature DNA synthesis, to S phase of the cell cycle.




Jaime Larios

Lab Manager