Leighton and Chad’s paper is out in Cell Systems

Stochastic Endogenous Replication Stress Causes ATR-Triggered Fluctuations in CDK2 Activity that Dynamically Adjust Global DNA Synthesis Rates Faithful DNA replication is challenged by stalling of replication forks during S phase. Replication stress is further increased in cancer cells or in response to genotoxic insults. Using live single-cell image analysis, we found that CDK2 activity fluctuates […]

Meyer Lab alumnus Sean Collins receives an NIH Director’s New Innovator Award!

Congratulations to Sean for receiving such a prestigious award

Hee Won’s paper made the cover of Nature!

Congratulations Hee Won!

Steve and Arnold are opening their own labs!

Congratulations to Steve who got a position at the NCI and to Arnold who is opening his lab at McGill in January. Good luck in your new labs!

Hee Won’s paper is out in Nature!

Competing memories of mitogen and p53 signalling control cell-cycle entry. Regulation of cell proliferation is necessary for immune responses, tissue repair, and upkeep of organ function to maintain human health. When proliferating cells complete mitosis, a fraction of newly born daughter cells immediately enter the next cell cycle, while the remaining cells in the same […]

A new member joins the lab!

Katie Ferrick joined the Meyer lab as a graduate student in Chemical and Systems Biology. Welcome aboard Katie!

Arnold’s paper made the cover of Nature Cell biology!

Congratulations Arnold!

Arnold’s paper is out in Nature Cell Biology

Engulfed cadherin fingers are polarized junctional structures between collectively migrating endothelial cells. The development and maintenance of tissues requires collective cell movement, during which neighbouring cells coordinate the polarity of their migration machineries. Here, we ask how polarity signals are transmitted from one cell to another across symmetrical cadherin junctions, during collective migration. We demonstrate […]

New members join the lab!

Lindsey Pack joined the Meyer lab as a postdoctoral fellow. Welcome aboard Lindsey! Nalin Ratnayeke joined the Meyer lab as a graduate student in Chemical and Systems Biology. Welcome aboard Nalin!

Seth’s paper is out in EMBO

Phosphorylation of residues inside the SNARE complex suppresses secretory vesicle fusion. Membrane fusion is essential for eukaryotic life, requiring SNARE proteins to zipper up in an α‐helical bundle to pull two membranes together. Here, we show that vesicle fusion can be suppressed by phosphorylation of core conserved residues inside the SNARE domain. We took a […]