Nalin’s paper on Cdc7 is out in Nature!

Anjali’s paper is out in Science

Membrane-proximal F-actin restricts local membrane protrusions and directs cell migration Cell migration is mainly controlled by local actin polymerization–driven membrane protrusion. However, a second structural mechanism might also regulate membrane protrusions and directed migration: changes in the density of the attachment between the plasma membrane and the underlying F-actin cortex, a parameter related to membrane […]

Yumi’s paper is out on BioRxiv

Intravital imaging reveals cell cycle-dependent satellite cell migration during muscle regeneration During muscle regeneration, extracellular signal-regulated kinase (ERK) promotes both proliferation and migration. However, the relationship between proliferation and migration is poorly understood in this context. To elucidate this complex relationship on a physiological level, we established an intravital imaging system for measuring ERK activity, […]

Hee Won, Steve, Ariel (and others!) paper is out in eLife!

Stress-mediated exit to quiescence restricted by increasing persistence in CDK4/6 activation Our study reports the development of a live-cell reporter for CDK4/6 activity. Using a dual CDK4/6 and CDK2 reporter system, we find a that CDK4/6 activity is typically rapidly activated in G0/G1 after a long delay before CDK2 activity increases more gradually. We show […]

Anjali successfully defended!

Anjali successfully defended! Congrats Anjali!

Leighton successfully defended!

Congrats Dr. Daigh! Good luck with the rest of Med. School.

Min’s Paper is out in Molecular Cell

Transient Hysteresis in CDK4/6 Activity Underlies Passage of the Restriction Point in G1 Cells escape the need for mitogens at a restriction point several hours before entering S phase. The restriction point has been proposed to result from CDK4/6 initiating partial Rb phosphorylation to trigger a bistable switch whereby cyclin E-CDK2 and Rb mutually reinforce […]

The Lab went to an Earthquakes Game!

The Lab went to the California Clasico at Stanford Stadium to watch the San Jose Earthquakes defeat the LA Galaxy 2-0!

Leighton and Lindsey’s Review in Current Opinion in Cell Biology!

Putting the brakes on the cell cycle: mechanisms of cellular growth arrest Precise regulation of cellular proliferation is critical to tissue homeostasis and development, but misregulation leads to diseases of excess proliferation or cell loss. To achieve precise control, cells utilize distinct mechanisms of growth arrest such as quiescence and senescence. The decision to enter these growth-arrested states or proliferate […]

The Meyer Lab went to Bocce Ball!

The Meyer Lab ventured to Campo di Bocce in Los Gatos to celebrate Min’s time in the lab!